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You need THIS: Cappuccino in the Microwave. Trust me.

Holy moly, the things you can make in a microwave will blow your mind…. Let’s start with the most important creation of all, Cappuccino. Huh? Whuh?cappuccino

That’s right, you can make a proper, genuine, real cappuccino, the likes of which are found in only the best Italian train stations, right in your own microwave.

How is this possible? Wait for it…..milk

You need milk of course. Very cold, half fat or full fat, makes no difference. For best results, you should use the UHD type for proper mousse. None of that fancy filtered stuff!

Next, is the critical part. You need this frother.

The Only Frother You Will Ever Use.
Bonjour Turbo Caffe Frother

No other type will do; the little wiry whisks do. not. work. Just sayin’.  This is the only model I have ever found that works (cue product placement).

I bought this sucker nearly 15 years ago in Whole Foods for 10 bucks. Best investment into my caffein addiction EVER.

The next part is easy. Obviously you already own a Nespresso machine (George NespressoClooney rocks, and he likes dogs) but if you don’t have one, the alternative is Instant Espresso, which can absolutely be your best friend. Not instant cappuccino, but instant espresso; Nescafe makes a very good one.So get yourself a nice big mug, the one you’ll drink it from. Separately boil your water for the instant or pop in the capsule to get the espresso started.

Fill your mug with about 1 inch of very cold milk. (you’ll change it up as you go along to adjust for your personal taste preferences) Use your frother to get a good head built up, takes about 20 seconds, add your sugar cube(s) and pop the mug into the microwave for 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes, depending on how powerful your beast is. Watch it carefully and when you see the head of the mousse rising up over the top, stop.

Let it set for a minute while you finish making your espresso, check to see if the mug is warm or cold. If it’s still cold, let it set for a few seconds then blast it again for a few more seconds. Take it out, add your espresso and bam. Perfection.

Your life may never be the same and you’ll thank Daily Caviar and you’ll thank mecappuccino 2

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