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Drink THIS: 10 Best Wine Apps Right Now

Old world wine production traditions and new information sharing technologies are melding together wonderfully within the once nearly secretive and elite world of wine, and bringing it into the mainstream. The history of bottling wine goes back over 2000 years, and yet, many production standards still hold today, and wine is more popular than ever as tech-savvy and ‘fine living’ Millennials appreciate wine in ever-growing numbers. We believe that it’s the confluence of these vastly differing technologies that is giving rise to the huge growth in new fans of wine and increasing its popularity.

Not to play favorites, ergo in no particular order, check out our top ten best wine apps for budding oenophiles, available on Android and iOS.

① Hello Vino (Android, iOS) (Free)

Hello Vino  is designed to be your personal wine assistant. Targeting the everyday wine buyer, its easy interface suggests the best wine pairings for your food. Users can snap pictures of their purchases and add notes to their favorites. The app’s extensive wine guide allows users to read up on wine and grape varieties as well. In their premium feature, users can scan wine labels to read up on tasting notes, ratings and recommended food pairings. Users can even call a California-based wine concierge for advice in choosing just the right wine for an occasion.

② Vivino (Android, iOS) (Free)

 One of our favorite vino-lovers companion apps, Vivino has a photo label recognition system that provides information for your chosen wine complete with reviews, ratings, tasting notes and more. If the app can’t automatically identify a particular vintage, Vivino’s own team of experts can identify it for you with time, and you can easily interact with them on twitter @Vivino. In addition to label scanning, users can browse the app’s database of wine reviews, save their preferences, get recommendations in-app, and find out where to buy nearby. A premium tier for this wine app includes their cellar management feature and fast tracking of unidentified labels that you scan in.

 ③ Delectable (iOS) (Free)

The Delectable app allows users to quickly pull up ratings, reviews and tasting notes all from a photograph of a wine’s label. In addition to the quick profiling, users can also keep a personal journal of their favorites with their own tasting notes. It offers social components that lets you tag friends and locations to remember where you tasted a particular vintage and with whom. You can also follow news-feeds of top sommeliérs, wine makers and other wine pros. This app has been around a while, and it shows; it’s well-developed and has a popular following.

④ Corkz (Android, iOS) ($1.99)

Corkz  is an all-in-one wine app that combines search, cellar management and social features into a convenient package. The app features both text and bar code search to find accurate vintage information and tasting notes from CellarTracker‘s database. Their wine cellar management and wine library tool allows you to log your collection, add your own personalized notes and comments, and easily add and remove entries. Social features allow you to find nearby wine bars, find out what vintages other users are looking up near you, as well as posting about the wines you’re drinking now on Facebook or Twitter.

⑤ Wine-Searcher (Android, iOS) (Free)

Wine-Searcher keeps its focus on search. Users can search for wines by name or by taking a photo of the label, with the app pulling up loads of information such as vintage ratings, grape varieties, critical ratings and most importantly, prices and where you can buy and search for wine delivery. GPS data can even use your location to find the store nearest to you.

⑥ WineRatings+ (iOS) (Free)

The esteemed Wine Spectator‘s WineRatings+ app serves as your pocket guide to wines, providing vintage charts on grape varieties from the world’s leading wine-producing regions. Be the smartest wino in the room with the app’s articles, videos and a news feed of the latest wine-related news! Their premium service offers automatically updated reviews from Wine Spectator, complete with ratings, tasting notes, release and average auction prices. Filter-enabled vintage searches, curated wine library lists and social features round out the app’s premium tier.

⑦ Snooth Wine (iOS) (Free)‘s app allows users to quickly search through their database of more than a million wines, reviews, and tasting notes. You can also compare prices and find nearby retailers. Unlocking Snooth Wine Pro removes advertising, as well as enabling image search in order to quickly scan labels and look up information on your wine library or bottles that you might enjoy.

⑧ CellarTracker (Android, iOS) (Free)

CellarTracker  is an efficient and comprehensive tool for organizing and keeping track of your wine collection, with additional features available for premium subscribers. Users can log and create their own library, complete with label recognition and bar code scanning features. Users can refer to a database of more than 1.9 million wines and 5.3 million tasting notes from community and professional contributors. Premium subscribers gain access to very cool extras like automatic collection valuation, as well as access to professional reviews.

⑨ Plonk (Android, iOS) (Free)

 Take the mystery out of wines and grape varietals with Plonk, a intuitive and well designed guide that allows users to easily learn about grape varieties and wines. Simple, color-coded tiles allow you to explore grape and wine varieties, reading up on their various traits, preferred food pairings, as well as recommendations of similar  varieties. Users can rate and star particular wines and grape varietals, and mark favorites for easy future reference.

⑩ Drync (Android, iOS) (Free)

Drync  is very efficient. It allows oenophiles to snap pictures of a wine label to quickly bring up its availability, price, tasting notes, descriptions and ratings. You can also add your own notes and users can track their favorite wines and even order them online with this app, which is pretty handy! We like that you can discover new wines based on your friends’ recommendations or the app’s own discovery engine.



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