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Watch THIS: Finding Dory Trailer Has Strong Anti-SeaWorld Message

The Animals are on the run in the new “Finding Dory” trailer, showing new scenes from the upcoming Pixar film.

Ellen DeGeneres, the voice behind the title character, has already hinted at an anti-SeaWorld message in the movie, and the new trailer includes clips of animals in what appears to be a SeaWorld-like setting.


The Lesson Ellen DeGeneres Wants Pixar Fans To Take Away From Finding Dory imageThe main theme in the movie depicts the various characters and sea-creatures trying to escape their captivity, a not-uncommon occurrence apparently, as demonstrated in this video of a penguin.

BlackFish_Dogwoof_Documentary_1120_630_85.jpgThe acclaimed documentary “Blackfish“, released in 2013, has raised the awareness of the public and inspired us to take a close look SeaWorld’s treatment of its captive Orcas. The film has provoked criticism from everything about Orca life spans to the way the park separates mother Orcas from their babies. With plummeting park attendance, SeaWorld has struggled to recover its public image since “Blackfish,” and just this year to a global outcry, SeaWorld announced its plan to end its orca breeding program, effectively making its current generation of Orcas its last.

This documentary inspired the anti-captivity message in “Finding Dory,” According to the New York Times. Filmmakers pushed back the movie’s release date in order to rewrite the script in light of the groundbreaking documentary.

Along with DeGeneres’ previous hints, it appears this will be a thought-provoking and inspirational movie for children and adults alike, and will hopefully continue the global trend to treating animals in a more protective, respectful and humane manner, but there is still a lot of work to do!

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