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8 Best Wedding Planner Apps. Yeah, there’s an App for That.

Conducting an orchestra while balancing plates and skipping rope while blindfolded is pretty much what’s ahead when planning a  wedding. So many details, from flowers to finger bowls, cakes to catering, parking to presents, seating to shoes, it all starts with lists!

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We had a good look through the current offerings of the best Wedding Planner Apps, and this is what we found. Congratulations! You’ve got a LOT to do, better get to it!See original image

 ① LadyMarry Wedding Planner (Android)

wedding planner_0007_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-50-27.png

There’s no shortage of Wedding Planning apps but we like that this is adaptive across your phone, tablet and PC. It has lots of easy to understand information and tools, so if you need something that’s simple to use and straightforward, then try this one out.

② iWedding Deluxe Wedding Planner (iTunes)

Let these inexpensive wedding planning apps do all the work for you

One of the more comprehensive wedding planning apps available, iWedding Deluxe Wedding Planner features extensive features ranging from budgeting and to-do lists to seating planning and gift tracking. If you are willing to spend a few bucks, this app is all you’ll need to plan your picture perfect wedding.

Price: $6.99

Our Wedding Planner (Android)wedding planner_0002_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-47-46.png

Our Wedding Planner allows you complete control over your entire wedding process, from tasks to guests, and especially to budgeting and costs. It has robust options geared toward the fiscal planning aspects of your wedding; this is a great app for those who need to stay well within their budget. The to-do and tasks lists are very complete and detail-driven, leaving nothing to chance!

④ Appy Couple (Itunes)

Let these inexpensive wedding planning apps do all the work for you

How did they DO that? If you’re wondering how all of your friends got those adorable wedding websites up and running within minutes of putting a ring on it, this is one option to streamline the engagement-to-wedding-day process and make it easy. Appy Couple lets you design your own personalized wedding website through their official site to share your engagement story through to the important wedding day details, all through their app. This is also a lovely, collaborative way to keep your wedding guests updated as the plans unfold — or change — leading up to your big day.

⑤ Wedding Planner & Checklist (Android)wedding planner_0014_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-54-35.png

This wedding planner app is really cute, and effective! . The layout is in a cartoonish style with notepaper as the background, giving it a very organic feel. Wedding Planner & Checklist has a strong list format for tasks that have to get done. Adaptable and user-friendly, you can edit and adapt the lists with a few swipes of the fingertip.  The visualizations are excellent and it’s nicely laid out and intuitive.

⑥ Gay Weddings and Marriage (Android)

 Gay Wedding Planner- screenshot

Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine‘s Gay Wedding Planner goes beyond wedding day tips to address the needs of LGBT families and marriage into providing a very nice app just for the occasion! It’s got all the bells and whistles needed to make your day the perfect day, in addition to the LGBT collaborative efforts of the magazine.

⑦  Wedding Planning Complete (Itunes)

Let these inexpensive wedding planning apps do all the work for you

This app is a favorite among brides-to-be. It features detailed checklists, budget guidelines, spending tracker, guest list tool, easy to manage seating charts and everything else you need to plan your big day!

WedMeGood  Wedding Planner (Android)wedding planner_0017_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-56-33.png

This  wedding app  provides topical and editorial content about the whys and hows of your wedding day details, and reasons for why they suggest a certain item or service. There are lots of examples from real weddings as well as modeled ideas for your own in addition to lists, planning tools and calendars.

There you go, have at it! Good luck and Happy Wedding Planning![Widget_Twitter id=”1"]

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