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Watch THIS: Hyperloop One’s First Public Test Run! Whooooooosh!

#Hyperloop One takes its first Test Run.


At an event in the dusty Las Vegas Nevada desert, the company shot a sled at 120 miles per hour down a 58-meter-long track.

The open air propulsion test launch follows news from the company about its plans to build a transit system that operates faster than a bullet train. Hyperloop One announced that it has secured 80 million and a series of partnerships to build the system. The team hopes to get Hyperloop One up and running by 2020. With talk around the table about routes such as Los Angeles to San Francisco in the USA and Marseilles to Paris in France, there’s a lot riding on this technology.

First announced by Tesla Motor’s Elon Musk, Hyperloop became a company in 2014, founded by Shervin Pishevar and Bam Brogan. Hyperloop One is led now by Rob Lloyd. We’re a little confused by all the name changing and face fronting, but hope that isn’t a sign of any conflict, but the evolution of the technology and the company.


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