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Check This Out. Literally, The Tiebrary.

Check out the public library where you can check out a tie.

The cool people at the Paschalville Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lets patrons check out ties for job interviews.

The  “tiebrary” has a  circulating collection of about 50 neckties that patrons can check out for 3 weeks at a time. They’re all All in tastefully conservative colors and patterns appropriate for a professional encounter.

Nate Eddy, strategy coordinator for the Philadelphia Free Library, came up with the so-called #tiebrary after spying a similar setup during a tour of the Queens Public Library in New York City last year. “I’m not a tie aficionado, but I do know wearing a nice tie can add a lot of confidence.”

New Men Formal Wide Tie marriage Neckties Fashion Classic Striped or Dot Design for Prom Party Wedding 145 * 6cm Skinny Tie(China (Mainland))The ties are situated next to the library’s “Job Readiness Center,” which includes computers, employment counseling, and employment resources. Launched in 2006, the services are designed to help mitigate the local community’s historically high unemployment rates.

Library assistant Omelio Alexander, who is pictured above, made the tiebrary a success:

“Sometimes you have part of the interview outfit but not the whole outfit, and this is an easy way to doctor up whatever you have and make it more professional” says Alexander, who has worked at the Paschalville branch for nearly six years. He up-cycled  some clear VHS cases that were collecting dust in a storage area into display boxes for the neck-wear. Enabling patrons to check out ties for up to three weeks lets people use them for more than one interview without having to go back and forth to the library.

Computer class in session at a Free Library Hot Spot“People like to say the internet will be the downfall of books, and hence the downfall of libraries,” Eddy said. “But we’re much more than that. We are community centers.”

The “tiebrary” features a wide variety of styles for patrons to choose from, including solid colors, polka dots, plaids, and stripes.

Any of them can be yours for the borrowing. All you need is a library card.


We approve!

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