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Watch THIS: Tesla S Car ‘SWIMMING’ Through Flooded Tunnel!

And emerges victorious and running just fine! How cool is THAT?

This is the experience of the owner of a Tesla S while trying to drive through a flooded tunnel. He opened the throttle to power through the rising water, and realized that his car was floating!

Elon Musk tweeted to say that he didn’t recommend any owner trying to use the car as a boat, but also wasn’t surprised, since the vehicle’s electric propulsion system is sealed. 

In this case, the Tesla S began floating in the flooded tunnel, and rather than panic, the driver accelerated, and the movement of the wheels propelled the car and driver to safety.

No one is willing to speculate on how long this function could persevere, and Elon Musk himself said that this amphibious ability would most likely last just a few minutes.

Those minutes though, allowed the driver to save his car, which wasn’t the case of the other vehicles that became trapped in the tunnel as the Tesla S just swam on by to terra firma!

Pretty darned cool!


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