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The Suitcase That Gets You To Airport Check-In Faster!

(Buuuut, it won’t get you through check-in any quicker.) Yup. It’s the Modobag.

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Why walk when you can cruise through airports in real style? Let your luggage carry you for a change!


This awesome little motorized piece of luggage launched recently to great fanfare on Indiegogo and promises to make traveling a little bit easier. A cross between a suitcase and an electric scooter, you can sit on it and zip through miles of airport halls with some real gusto! With speeds rocketing up to 8 miles per hour, apparently it’s been approved by both the TSA and FAA.Image result for Modobag

See original imageThis little baby has dual USB ports to charge your devices on the go (or realistically, when you’ve ground to a halt in those endless check-in and security lines) and has an app for tracking, in case you ever let this treasure out of your sight. The downside is that the bag weighs 19 pounds which will eat into your baggage weight allowance in a big hurry and won’t do you any favors when you’re traipsing up and down the endless stairs in the metros of Paris or the train stations in Italy. While its size is within carry-on limits, the weight could be an issue if you cross paths with a cranky agent when you drift on up to the check-in desk. Why walk to check-in when you can ride up on your motorised suitcase?

And we have to say it, the Modobag isn’t exactly ‘economical’.  Priced at $1,000, frankly, unless you travel every day of the year, it’s going to be more affordable to use curbside check-in or a baggage service to schlepp those bags when you head off on the annual visit Grandma in Chicago for Xmas.

Do we need it? Well, probably not, but we want one because it’s so cool! If you’re thinking this is a genius idea that needs to happen, then head on over to their Indiegogo page to pledge your support.


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