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DIY: Our FABULOUS Cheat For the Almighty, Incredible EggMcMuffin

We all know it. We all love it. happy dance happy dog dancing smilingAnd recently McDonalds has begun serving their breakfast menu items all day.


Is this good? Is this bad? Their experts are seeing a drop in daytime menu sales, while their overall profits are up. Meh, we don’t care. What we DO care about is that We. Love. Egg McMuffin. Or, for that other generation ‘eggamuffin’. You know who you are.

When the so-called experts at Daily Caviar love something, we try desperately to recreate it at home. Why not? There are a few things we will not recreate at home, and that includes proper french baguette. Why mess with perfection when you can have one for under a buck, fresh from the oven with no effort (if you live in France). We digress. (and we swear by all that’s holy, we will never  —ever— use pancake mix in a box-non-sequitur)

For pennies of the cost of eating out, you can have it at home, in the middle of the night or just whenever when the urge See original imagehits you. Stay in those jammies, no schlepping, no need to shower or brush your teeth, just hit the kitchen, and in less than 10 minutes, it’s all yours, in front of the laptop, with the dogs lined up hoping you’ll share. (*note to dogs; not gonna happen)

Note To Dogs

Seriously, this is stupid simple. You’ll want to smack your forehead, it’s so easy. Don’t, it’s fine. Just carry on.


You’ll need This Stuff:



  • A fresh EggSee original image
  • Butter
  • English Muffin (sliced in half of course)
  • Sandwich ham slice
  • A sauté pan and a lid.
  • A round ring to first cut a circle in your ham, then to cook the eggie.
  • Half cup or so of water hot from the kettle (or hot from the tap is fine)

2016-08-05 06.27.01Get your saute pan heating up. Using the egg ring, just push down and twist, cutting a circle in your ham. While the pan is heating up, toss the ham circle in there to warm up and get a little sizzle. Once the ham circle is heated (a minute, tops), take it out, set it aside and throw the English muffins in the toaster. (see the extra ham slice there? That’s for the dogs, shhhhhh)2016-08-05 06.28.51

Butter the egg ring, inside and bottom edge and put it in the pan to heat a little bit. Put a tiny bit of butter inside the heated-up ring, then break your egg into the ring and gently break the yoke just a little. Sprinkle a bit of salt.

Immediately add a bit of hot water to come up maybe 1/4 inch or so on the ring, not even, really. Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan and create some steam, and cover with a lid.

While it’s cooking, de-toasterify the English muffin, butter up the slices and put the American cheese slice on the bottom half.

2016-08-05 06.22.19

Check your eggie, and in about 2 minutes the water will be boiled off and the egg should be done. Lift it out with a spatula, and set it onto the cheese slice, (if it’s sticking to the egg ring, go around the inside edge with a small knife, while holding it over your sandwich) top with the still-warm ham, the other English muffin top and baby, you’re good to go.

2016-08-05 06.30.32
Daily Caviar Eggamuffin

Seriously, that’s it! 

Don’t overthink this. Don’t add more ham or leave the egg runny. Don’t warm the ham last. It’s critical to follow the steps and ingredients to enjoy your DIY Eggamuffin to perfection in less than 5 minutes. We would never lie about this.

You’re welcome.


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